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Yard Drainage Services
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Not only can flooding and water damage cause immediate physical destruction, a wet basement can also lead to long-term mold and moisture build up. Luckily, there is an extensive variety of solutions to prevent flooding in the first place.

History in Union County

With an extensive history of fixing these types of water issues in Union County for the past 28 years, there is no issue we have not fixed. In fact, our customized service helps you find the perfect drainage system for your individual property.

Foundation Waterproofing and Yard Drainage

RF Understands Water Issues Inside and Out

If your home or business is susceptible to groundwater build up, foundation waterproofing and drainage services are essential to preventing property damage. Usually, these two services go hand-in-hand. Water buildup in soil can raise the water table and cause hydrostatic pressure to be exerted below basement floors and against basement walls. This pressure creates cracks by forcing your foundation to expand and contract. Ultimately, it forces water through these cracks and creates basement leaks, causing tremendous structural damage as well as moisture-related problems.

Basement Waterproofing

Our Basement Water Solutions

Do you often have water in basement? Our foundation contractors evaluate each case on an individual basis to best determine what basement leak repair, basement waterproofing or basement drainage system solution will solve your problem. Here are just several of our solutions...

Property Water Drainage System

Effective water drainage systems either facilitate water flow to lower elevations or allow for corrective grading. These methods resolve water drainage issues both practically and affordable. If these are not feasible for your specific property, a dry well or pump station can be installed. When determining the best yard drainage solution, we look your property's available elevation, soil conditions, typical influx of water (volume), and traffic load. These factors affect the depth, diameter, thickness and composition of the pipe that can be utilized. They also affect the type of soil separator and gravel that can be used. We address your drainage problems with the following services:

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For over 28 years, RF Landscape Construction has been providing landscaping services in the Union County, New Jersey area. Below are just several of the towns and surrounding areas we serve.

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Every property is different and so are its needs. For over 28 years, our drainage and waterproofing contractors have been committed to using state-of-the-art, customized solutions. Even more, our detail-oriented service ensures that all drainage and waterproofing is done both effectively and efficiently. Give RF Landscape Construction a call today at 908-276-6895 or email for a free estimate and evaluation of your property.

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