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Whether your soil is eroding, your landscape needs restructuring or a fresh look, mulch landscaping is the perfect fix for gardens, homes, and businesses alike. With a wide variety to choose from, landscaping with mulch has a dual purpose of improving the composition of your soil and enhancing the appearance of your property.

Mulching Benefits

Most notably, landscape mulch enhances soil by adding nutrients. The added layer prevents erosion, controls existing weeds and suppresses future weed growth. It also conserves water, allowing a healthy level of moisture to be contained in your subsoil. Even more, it serves as a protective layer that keeps soil temperatures down and regulated. As yard mulch decomposes, it becomes topsoil.

What Does our Mulching Service Include?

The process of mulching begins after weeding and edging are complete. Our comprehensive service includes everything from weeding, edging, and mulch delivery, installation and cleanup.

Need Helping Selecting the Perfect Mulching Option and Quantity

No worries, RF has you covered, as we extend our expertise to help you choose the perfect type of mulch for your property as well as the quantity necessary to fulfill your property's needs.

Types of Mulch

Mulch extensively ranges in both appearance and function. When choosing the best mulch for your property, RF Landscape construction considers the aesthetic look you're seeking to achieve, the qualities of your existing soil and the typical weather and rainfall in your location.

We work with the following types of mulch...

Hardwood Brown Mulch

This wood mulch is one of R.F.'s top choices for a practical and enduring product that is resistant to sun damage. Even more, it's reasonably priced alternative to natural mulch.

Dyed Black Mulch

Another one of RF's top choices, this black mulch is just as practical, long-lasting, resistant to sun bleaching and reasonably priced as the Hardwood brown.

Dyed Red Mulch

Red mulch is a great way to add contrast to your property. Like other dyed mulches, it's affordable and relatively long lasting.

Rubber Mulch

As a synthetic material, rubber mulch lasts longer than natural alternatives. Although it doesn't require frequent replacement, it fails to supply the nutrients provided through decomposition. The risk of toxicity limits its use to non-edible plants.

Cedar Mulch

As a bark mulch, cedar mulch is organic and long lasting, making it one of the more expensive options. Its texture varies, accommodating both small and larger plants based on the granularity. However, it must be separated from the soil so that it does not retract nitrogen as it decomposes.

Cypress Mulch

Not only does this natural mulch provide soil with nutrients as it decomposes, it also has no adverse impact on the soil's pH. Even more, it is one of the longest lasting options.

...and many more

How Much Does Mulching Cost?

Our prices are based on the necessary labor and the cost to buy mulch; the price of mulch ranges depending on the type and quantity. Mulch is typically laid down to be 3". However, we strive to accommodate both your needs and budget. As a result, we'll work with you in choosing the quantity of mulch you desire and adjust our prices accordingly.

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