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Adding new plants, shrubs, flowers and trees to your property is the perfect way to introduce texture, color and life to your landscape. Replacing old and unruly ones is the perfect way to alleviate obstruction and restore use of your space with a healthy landscape. Our experts will transform the look and feel of your property whether it be designing an intimate backyard or creating an inviting pathway.

When To Start From Scratch

Homeowners and business owners alike often struggle in deciding whether to trim and replace problem plants or remove all of the plants and start from scratch. The answer depends on the situation. The following must be considered...

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Plant Selection and Planting

Our Quality Process

At RF Landscaping, we pride ourselves on delivering a comprehensive shrub and tree planting service. This begins with an assessment of your property to determine soil conditions, weather patterns, and sun and water exposure. Using these findings, we'll work with you to determine which plants, trees or shrubs best suit the conditions of your landscape and fulfill your vision for the space. Our landscapers will remove existing greenery and clear the space before we begin to plant a tree, shrub or flower. Garden landscaping and planting, specifically is customized to the property owners desires and often involves design and planning, plant selection and planting.

Our Guarantee

We guarantee our landscape gardeners will bring your vision to life by perfectly combining plant size, height and color.

Tree Planting

Planting trees is a great way to increase privacy on your property and go green. As a tree service company, we're well versed in working with all types of trees and conditions in the Union county area. We take our tree planting service one step further by helping you choose the best fit for your vision and soil conditions. Understanding the type of tree that will flourish on your property is part of the pride we take in our process. This list illustrates many the trees we often plant in New Jersey:

Shrub Planting

Planting shrubs can increase privacy on your property or create a lining along building structures. We've worked with all types of shrubs ranging in size and height. These include...

Flower Planting

Planting flowers is an excellent way to aesthetically enhance your property. Whether you're looking to make it feel more homey and inviting or vibrant and exotique, our experts will help you bring that vision to life. It's also important to consider whether you need deer resistant or shade tolerant plants based on your location. We work with all shapes, sizes and breeds of flowers, including...

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For over 30 years, RF Landscape Construction has been providing landscaping services in the Union County, New Jersey area. Below are just several of the towns and surrounding areas we serve.

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Our landscapers' distinct attention to detail allows us to transform plants, shrubs and trees into statement pieces for your property. From gardens and entryways to front yards and sanctuaries, you can trust our experts to visually transform your landscape and improve its overall health and longevity. Give us a call today at 908-276-6895 or email for a free estimate. Our estimates include an assessment of your property and the labor and materials necessary to bring your vision to life.

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